Terms and Condition for Employees and Employers

1. This registration is not a contract or guarantee of employment for a definite amount of time.
2. KMRP Agency Pvt Ltd does not take any guarantee of your placement or selection against any vacancy as selection is totally depends upon the skills of jobseekers/ requirements of employers and this is sole right of KMRP Pvt Ltd to select or reject any candidate.
3.Registration with KMRP Placement Service Pvt Ltd means that your candidature details have been added to our Database.
4. If any candidate is selected by our references and recommendations, he/she has to inform and endorse a copy of the appointment letter immediately to us for our record.
5.If a candidate is selected for a job through M/S KMRP he/she will be solely the employee of the concerning organization and KMRP Agency (P) Ltd. will not be responsible for any legal/dispute or any other matter between the candidate and the organization.
6. Candidate will be suitably intimated through SMS/Email/ WhatsApp messages about various job opportunities from time to time.
7. One time 25% of First month salary will be paid by the candidate after joining the job offered towards manpower services charges to KMRP Agency (P) Ltd.

General Terms and Conditions
1. Organisation is required to submit the details like company profile ,background, employment details, salary offered, job hours, nature of job, eligibility conditions, gender preference or any other related terms and conditions on the prescribed format or on the letter head of the company or through email from official email id with the name of contact person, so as to enable us to shortlist best candidates as per your requirements. The Client/ Employer undertakes to notify KMRP immediately upon agreeing to engage a Candidate introduced by KMRP and the terms of the engagement. The Client agrees and undertakes to pay KMRP a Placement Fee amounting to a percentage of the gross annual salary.
2. . Introductions are confidential. If KMRP introduces a candidate to The Client, then introduces to another third party, who engage the Candidate on either a full-time basis or as a contract, then the client who engage the candidate will Pay the fees.
3. . An invoice will be sent to The Client within one week upon commencement of employment and Placement Fee is payable within 15 days from the date of joining of the candidate.
4. . Whilst every endeavour is made by KMRP to introduce satisfactory candidates to the Client, it is the responsibility of The Client to satisfy themselves for the suitability of an applicant before engaging them.
5. . If invoices are settled and due to any reason Candidate resigns within 90 days of joining then a free replacement for the same position will be provided.
Note: If the candidate either not employed with the client or the candidate is dropped it is solely the responsibility of the client to intimate the same to KMRP Pvt Ltd with immediate effect, and the same should be acknowledged by KMRP Authorized Person otherwise The Client is responsible to make the payment of the invoice which is raised on the particular candidate.
6. . No variation in these Terms and Conditions may be made without prior written agreement from KMRP.
7. . The term of this Agreement will be for a 1-year period with the ability of either party to terminate this agreement with a one-month notice period at any time, with an undertaking to settle all dues with each other, as part of the termination process.
8. You are required to give us the feedback of the candidates already interviewed by you in maximum three days time so that we can arrange the next round of interview or joining of the candidate expeditiously.

This is legally binding document outlining the working relationship between KASAUTI PLACEMENT SERVICES and your firm.

Placement Charges will be 8.33%* of the selected candidate’s gross annual income.

• PLACEMENT SERVICES Fees will be one time flat rate of 8.33% ( Exclusive of GST and other applicable taxes) of the annual cost of the company, indicated in the offer letter to the recruited candidate including salary, allowance, benefits, transportation and perquisites such as LTA, Bonus, and Medical etc. Applicable Tax would be charged on the placement fee as per existing government rules (Taxable Services: Manpower Recruitment Agency.

• 30% – 50% ( Negotiable) will be the placement fee of the gross annual salary for the requirement of Contract to Hire (C2H) and will be paid every month.

• Depending upon the volume of the business the placement services charges can be negotiated.

Free substitution of personnel once registered, within Three months of employment if he/ she leaves the job.

Once the candidate joins the duty, an invoice will be raised in the name of firm. Your firm has to release the payment within one week after receiving the invoice subject to the candidate having joined the duty. . The payment has to be made by cheque/Online in favour of “KMRP Agency Pvt Ltd” as per the convenience of the client.
“KMRP Placement Services” does not take responsibility of any activity of the candidate during pre or post-employment. Employer will not hold “KMRP Placement Services” responsible for any deeds or misdeeds of the employee. It is the total responsibility and discretion of employer to appoint or remove the candidate at their will.